Unfashionably accurate

Accurately pricing a property for a seller is unquestionably the most important task we face. Make no mistake, if your agent gets it wrong then one of two things will happen.


Too high and your property will languish on the market and miss that flush of interest that should accompany a well - priced newly minted listing. Too low and the first buyer to see it buys it at the full price. Clearly not the ideal outcome in most cases.


So how do we get it right?


We participate, constantly.


We sell more real estate in the local market than all of our opposition combined. This gives us a critical edge because we are at the coal face, dealing with buyers and sellers, well, constantly. So we know the subtle nuances that buyers are looking for within the various market segments.


We also know the real story behind most sales, what seller’s motivations were in particular transactions, what were the buyers’ requirements, was there a critical time frame involved for either.


This is intelligence, market intelligence.


This enables us to put an accurate single figure price on each property. Not a range.


It’s easy when you know how.